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Better secure your social media accounts - LinkedIn

Better secure your LinkedIn account with 2-factor authentication

We’ve probably all read horror stories of when people have lost access to their social media accounts, but what can be done to help secure them? One thing we highly recommend is to add a second verification step, this will help to prevent them from being potentially compromised by bad actors. (Nope, nothing to do with Nicolas Cage, more people who want to use your accounts for their own gain!)

So, to better secure your LinkedIn account, follow the instructions below.

Most of the processes below will show you how to set-up two-factor or multi-factor authentication using an authentication app. An authentication app, such as Microsoft Authenticator, is a software-based service that uses time-based one-time passwords to authenticate you with a different service. Other methods of authentication include one-time codes texted to your mobile phone or sent via email.

To download the Microsoft Authenticator, click on the relevant link below and follow the instructions.

If you would prefer to use your own authenticator app, such as Google Authenticator, please do so and then adjust the steps accordingly. The instructions are also based on completing the steps via a web browser on a PC/laptop/mac etc.


You can add multi-factor authentication to your LinkedIn account quite simply, by following the steps below. Firstly, you will need to make sure you are logged into LinkedIn. Something to consider here is how strong is your current LinkedIn password? Are you using the same password on other sites? If yes, might be worth changing it at this point before moving on to the next steps.

Okay, once you are logged in, towards the top right of the screen you should see a small icon of your LinkedIn profile picture

Secure your LinkedIn account - step 1

Click this and then click on ‘Settings & Privacy’

When the new screen opens, click on Sign in & security from the list on the left-hand side of the screen

Secure your LinkedIn account - step 2

Now click the arrow next to Two-step verification Off ➡

Secure your LinkedIn account - step 3

Read the text and then click on the blue ‘Set up’ button when you are ready.

Secure your LinkedIn account - step 4

Select the Authenticator App option from the drop-down list.

Secure your LinkedIn account - step 5

Enter your LinkedIn password to confirm

Secure your LinkedIn account - step 6

In the Microsoft Authenticator App on your mobile device, add a new account. Call it LinkedIn and then copy or type the key in that has been generated.

Secure your LinkedIn account - step 7

Once this is done, click the blue ‘Continue’ button and then use the number in the Authentication app on LinkedIn. (The number changes every 30 seconds or so, so be sure you will have enough time left to enter the 6-digits). Once this is done, you will see a confirmation screen showing that two-factor authentication is now on.

Secure your LinkedIn account - step 8

Anytime you now need to log in to LinkedIn, you will also need the authentication app to confirm it is you. If you ever get a random request, and you know you aren’t trying to login anywhere, do not authenticate it and immediately changed your LinkedIn password (as well as the passwords of any other accounts that you are using the same password on!).

Stay safe out there folks! Worried about the security of your business IT? Get in touch!


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