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Although relative newcomers to the local IT scene, the team at Worcester-based, SMH IT Solutions has an impressive wealth of experience amongst its ranks.

Having worked in IT at different companies over many years, SMH’s joint owners have developed an excellent understanding of what businesses really need from its IT provider. And putting that experience and vision into practice, has seen the business go from strength-to-strength- picking up an impressive customer base in a relatively short amount of time.

Joint Managing Director, Nigel Marlow, explained: “When we initially discussed setting up SMH, we wanted to make sure all the frustrations we had experienced over the years, no matter how small, could be overcome. Whether that be with the systems and software we used, or the way in which we communicated with our customers. From the outset, we wanted to ensure that any decision we took was for the benefit of our customers – which in turn, benefits us. If our customers are happy then we are happy.”

The systems and working practices that SMH has put in place are testament to the owners’ knowledge and understanding of all things IT. Quite simply, they love IT. And that passion is borne out in the consultative approach they take. They take the time to really understand what a business needs from its IT systems and then recommends the hardware and software best suited to achieve those goals.

Nigel further explained: “One of the major benefits of being the bosses, is that we now get to make the decisions when it comes to what technology will best suit a business. When working at other companies, we may have had to use certain hardware and software suppliers, and inferior systems and technology as deals were in place. But now we get to make the deals based on our years of knowledge and we are never dictated to by any one company or technology. Thankfully so far, our decisions have led to our customers being incredibly satisfied in the way we work, and our support wait times and call close times are very healthy.”

Of course, starting up any new venture isn’t easy and the SMH Team will freely admit that it has taken a lot of hours and hard work to get them to the position they are in today. Nigel said: “It’s not quite a 9-5 job anymore! We can sometime be on a Teams call into the small hours catching up on the day’s events as that’s the first time we’ve all had chance to get together. But it is immensely rewarding to see how far we have come in such a short amount of time, and the reviews we have from customers makes us immensely proud. We know there’s lots more hard work to do, and we want to continue to expand going forwards, but we’re up for it!”

For any further information, visit their website, call 01905 955 035 or email via [email protected].

An extract from this article was published in Issue 74 of Business Direction Magazine. Click here to view it.


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